biggerlogoThe theme for the 2019 LCMS Youth Gathering: Real. Present. God.  takes its roots in Psalm 46.

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Registration for the 2019 Gathering begins in September 2018.


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The 2019 Gathering logo is the creation of James Saleska, graphic designer out of Frankenmuth, MI.

"The 2019 LCMS Youth Gathering identity mark is a design treatment of the theme, 'Real. Present. God.' The stenciled treatment reflects the ideas of strength and fortitude to remind us that 'God is our refuge and strength' (Psalm 46:1)," says Saleska. "The bright color palette reinforces the youthful nature of the event and mimics a heat map where the hottest part is centered around the "o" in God reinforcing the Gathering's Christ-centered focus."

Real. Present. God.

Earlier this year on January 15-17, a group of Gathering planners joined by students from Concordia University St. Paul (CSP) met to begin the thematic planning process. They discussed youth and young adult research and trends, reflected on Scripture and prayerfully considered the message of the event.

"Late in the day, there was a point when everyone else stepped back from all the ideas posted on the wall and our group of [CSP] students gathered by them, looking them over and chatting about what resonated and what didn't," said Shelly Schwalm, DCE, CSP campus ministry assistant. "Some of the richest insights came from listening in to that conversation."

"It was a reminder of the importance of encouraging our young people to contribute and giving them a chance to speak while we step back and really hear them," adds Schwalm. "They have much to contribute and teach us about reaching their generation and those following. It's my prayer that this theme translates the Gospel to speak to youth of our time and culture, especially in the challenges they're facing today. God's promises for us are for yesterday, today, and forever."


As participants of the January meeting wrestled with the topics put before them, God's Word in the Psalms continually wove into the discussion.

"The songs of God recorded in the Psalms and elsewhere in Scripture have literally changed and shaped the course of human history – and my life and your life – forever," said the Rev. Dr. Joel Lehenbauer, executive director of the Commission on Theology and Church Relations and the Gathering's theological advisor.
"Psalm 46 and all the divinely inspired God-songs of Scripture will surely continue to strengthen and encourage countless hearts and lives by the power of God's Holy Spirit, including the hearts and lives of those attending the 2019 Gathering."

Rev. Lehenbauer has been hard at work on the initial 2019 Thematic Study. This paper gives an overview of the 2019 theme, the Psalms, and Psalm 46. It will kick-start the Gathering program planning process. A version of the paper will be the first Scriptural resource made available on the Gathering website later in 2017.

LCMS Youth Gathering planners give thanks to God for Lehenbauer's work on the paper. He spent countless hours reading, praying, and writing to mine the depths of God's Word in the Psalms and Psalm 46. The paper will form a foundation for future resourcing and program elements of the 2019 Gathering.
God's blessings as you begin to prepare for Minneapolis in 2019!

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Key Planning Dates

• Oct. 25, 2017 CLB Application Opens
• Feb. 28, 2018 CLB Application Closes
• July 8-11, 2018 National Lutheran Youth Workers Conference
• July 11, 2018 YAV Application Opens
• Sept. 5, 2018 Online Registration Data Entry Begins
• Oct. 17, 2018 Registration Opens (postmark date)
• Dec. 31, 2018 YAV Application Closes
• March 1, 2019 Last Day of Regular Registration
• May 1, 2019 Registration Closes
• July 11, 2019 2019 Gathering Begins!