Ohio District Youth Ministry 2017-2018

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost. Luke 19:10 

The world . . our nation . . our communities . . our families . . WE are searching and seeking for answers to all that is swirling around us. All the while we are asking, wondering, feeling anxious about so much! Is there an answer? What is the plan?

YES! Our heavenly Father who holds us firmly in the palm of His hand also holds the answers to all our ques- tions and concerns. The theme for 2017—2018 will help us look at the relationship—the two way street that runs between us and God! People are searching for the plan, for answers, for comfort, oh so much these days! So often, too often, they are also searching for God, too!
All the while God has the plan! He has the answers! He comforts and shows the Way! All the while people are searching for Him, He rescues us from our daily turmoil of wondering about all that surrounds us.

The 2017—2018 Youth Gatherings will be events that will help us search the Bible for comfort in knowing that God is our Refuge and Strength. He is our Rescuer! He seeks us every minute of every day!

Teens Leading Teens