LCMS Ohio District                                                          April 1, 2018
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Altogether Beautiful  is a new video-based study that walks through the Song of Songs to help women not only better understand this somewhat intimidating book of Scripture but also apply the incredible and beautiful truths to their everyday lives.
Women have struggled with the idea of beauty for centuries. Everywhere we go, we look around and feel like we're not enough-not pretty enough, not bubbly enough, not skinny enough, not beautiful enough.
Yet God tells us time and time again that we are beautiful. In fact, He declares us beautiful. And, best of all, the God of the universe loves us-fiercely, completely, and perfectly.
In Altogether Beautiful, author Heidi Goehmann will lead you through the Song of Songs, helping you securely ground your identity in Jesus, the one who makes you beautiful. ( Free zipper pouch for each workbook you pre-order. Valid for online orders only.) DETAILS

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