Launching New Ministries
Churches connect with new people in two distinct ways. First, church members share the love of Christ with their family and friends, coworkers and fellow students. This leads to invitations to learn more about Jesus in the church. Second, congregations find ways to build bridges to the community through ministries. The New Ministry Task Force provides expertise and resources for churches to start these new ministries.

Initial Steps in Starting a New Church
For many churches just keeping up with day-to-day ministry is a challenge, let alone starting new ministries. Yet new ministries are vital for a church's health and vitality.. The New Ministries Task Force was created to help churches get started down the path of launching new ministries. Contact Rev. Derrick Hurst at 937.209.0321 or email: to learn more about the task force. You can also download pertinent documents from the sidebar on this web page.