Helping Appalachian Rural People

The HARP Mission is an Ohio 501 (c) (3) Not For Profit organized to assist in disaster relief efforts. It is an established mission that helps displaced disaster victims re-establish themselves in safe and sanitary temporary housing. Help is provided, with your donations, to furnish their restored homes with major household items (furniture, appliances, kitchen, bedroom, family room and bath furnishings, etc.).

HARP specializes in procuring and distributing donations of furniture, appliances and household items for victims of natural and man-made disasters as they move into temporary housing and then back to their restored homes.

The HARP Mission is gearing up for a busy summer. There are approximately 35 projects posted on the HARP website . New projects will be posted on the first of each month as well as recreation/ activities for evenings.

Below is information about the Bags of Hope project and see the HARP website for the "Prayer and Care" teams which provide spiritual care for the unchurched families in Appalachian Ohio.