Our new Chairman of the Board, Mr. Gary Dowdell, Sr., then welcomed the Board to his first meeting as Chairman and encouraged the directors to be collegial with each other and have fun as they serve as directors. He also reminded the Board about the three District Mega-Ends policies, namely, 1. Healthy congregations; 2. Healthy professional church workers (PCWs) and their families; and 3. Healthy relationships between congregations, the District and the Synod. The following reports and actions reflect these Mega-Ends policies and other important aspects of the Ohio District which were addressed in the recent Board meeting.

A. Healthy congregations.
+ The District has begun a renewed effort to connect congregations to several Synodical programs to grow as congregations: Re:Vitality and Every One His Witness. Mrs. Karen Dutton has been trained to lead Re:Vitality. Churches looking for help in
in strategic ministry planning or vision-casting were also referred to the Lutheran Church Extension Fund's "Vision Pathway."
+ At this time the District only has a few vacancies. Check the "Manpower Report" on the District website. Click "President's Office" on the right of the web page and scroll down to it.
B. Healthy professional church workers
+ The District has worked to ensure professional church workers in the District are aware of the Care Partners are available to them. Two more Care Partners will be added, making the total number of four.
+ A handful of churches have discovered that they were miscalculating pastor salaries according to when using the District salary guidelines. Both circuit visitors and District staff are working with churches to clarify the calculations
+ President Wilson was gratified to hear that several circuits have supporting hurting congregations as well as some circuit congregations have reached out to a hurting pastor and his family.
C. Healthy relations between congregation, District, and Synod.
+ The Synod requires all 161 District congregations receive a visit from the District President, or his designee, each triennium so President Wilson will make all the visits between now and next October.
+ The Board of Directors will continue to examine how they can reach out more to their constituents in their respective circuits to share information about the District and to hear their circuits' concerns and suggestions. The Board is examining a new Powerpoint presentation for the directors to use in their circuits and receive feedback.
D. Healthy Finances
+ Mrs. Lisa Rachul, District Treasurer indicated that the mission support trend is down slightly from previous reports. However, due to unrestricted gifts and bequests, the unrestricted operations of the District are unharmed by this trend. current cash position.
+ In terms of the 2019 budget, the new budget includes new CPS rates and a 3% increase for current staff.
+ She anticipates that Mission Support will be reduced to $1,365,000 due to current year trend and Synodical support is shown at the current rate of 15.5%. The Board approved this new budget while remaining opened to possible changes if the Misson Support becomes much smaller.
+ The funds received from the CEF/LCEF merger are held in moderate / conservative Thrivent® managed account. While the principle and interest are unrestricted, there is an "understanding" that any use of the principle by the District President will be discussed with the Board of Directors prior to use.
+ District congregations are mostly experiencing downturns in their finances. One problem is that the Church is now dealing with younger Christians who would rather give to an appeal and not to an institution. Churches need to seek new ways to make their congregations become more "appealing" to this group of givers.
+ The District building at Olmsted Falls, OH may possibly be sold to an outside source since a good number of the District staff is deployed throughout the District. More information about this will come out at the April Board meeting.
+ The Board has established the Finance Committee which will work with the staff in formulating, and if necessary, adjusting, the annual budget for the District. It will also work with the staff in regard to the year Financial Report. The Committee will continuously report any actions to the Board.
E. Healthy District Personnel
+ President Wilson indicated Instead of hiring a full-time missions executive, it is proposed that the District will have five regional part-time facilitators and a part-time mission director. In addition, the District will provide part-time funding for a communications director.

Next Board Meeting: Friday, April 5, 2019 at the District Office, Olmsted Falls, OH