Since August 24, 2017

(Note to Visitors to this page: If you are a pastor wishing to be placed on a call list of one of our vacant congregations, please express your desire to your District President. Do not attempt to contact these congregations directly. We have a process that works well. Be patient and use it!)

Calling Congregations (Pastors

  • Redeemer, Cuyahoga Falls, OH has new call list
  • St Paul Amherst, OH - has called Rev Scott Jonas, Alive in Christ, Columbia, MO DECLINED
  • Emmaus, Wauseon, OH has called Rev Mark Squire, Zion-Emmanuel, Odessa, WA DECLINED
  • Trinity, Zanesville, OH, has new called Rev Ben Micheel, Candidate, Southeaster District DECLINED
  • Faith, Kent, OH has call list
  • St James, Cleveland, OH has new call list
  • Grace, Thompson, OH begins work on self-study
  • St Luke, Wauseon, OH has completed self-study
  • St Paul, Liberty Center, OH will form call committee and begin self-study
  • St Paul, Parkersburg, WVA - call list pending

Calling Congregations (Assistants or Associate)

          Royal Redeemer, North Royalton, OH  has new call list
          Emmanuel, Kettering, OH, has new call list

Non-Calling Congregation

  • Immanuel, Toledo, OH; Not calling at present
  • Bethlehem, Euclid, OH; not calling at present
  • St John, Mt Hope, OH; not calling at present
  • St Philip, Cleveland, OH; not calling at present

Foreign Service

  • N/A

Calls Accepted to Ohio District Congregation by Ohio District Clergy

  • N/A

Leaving the Ohio District
Rev John Greig, Somerset Hills Lutheran Church, Basking Ridge, NJ
Rev David Goehmann, Christ, Norfolk, Neb


Calls Declined by Ohio District Pastors

Calls Pending to Ohio District Pastor
  Rev Keith Witte, to Bethlehem, Fairborn, OH


CAND,  EM or Resigned Status

  • Rev Daniel Ruff, Candidate
    Rev Holger Sonntag, Candidate

Mr William Ronschke, Emeritus, St James Lutheran Church, Cleveland, OH
Rev Dr Hugo C, Kaeding, Emeritus, Hilliard, OH



  • N/A

Vicars (2016-17)

  • Tyson Bentz, Holy Cross, North Canton OH
  • Michael Keller, St John, Freedom Twp, OH
  • Zachary Viggers, Trinity, Toledo OH