Since December 4, 2018

(Note to Visitors to this page: If you are a pastor wishing to be placed on a call list of one of our vacant congregations, please express your desire to your District President. Do not attempt to contact these congregations directly. We have a process that works well. Be patient and use it!)

Calling Congregations (Pastor)

  • Zion, Akron, OH - has new call list
  • Faith, Kent, OH has requested a new call list

Calling Congregations (Associate)

  • St John, Defiance, OH


Non-Calling Congregation

  • Immanuel, Toledo, OH; Not calling at present
  • Bethlehem, Euclid, OH; not calling at present
  • St John, Mt Hope, OH; not calling at present
  • St Philip, Toledo, OH; not calling at present
  • St Philip, Cleveland, OH; not calling at present


Foreign Service

Calls Accepted to Ohio District Congregation by Ohio District Clergy

Leaving the Ohio District

Calls Declined by Ohio District Pastors 

Calls pending to Ohio District Pastors

  • Pastor Matthew Schiemann, First Lutheran, Bozeman, MT, Accepted


  • Rev. Bruce Breudigam
  • Rev. James May, Jr.
  • Rev. Karl Koch
  • Rev. Karl Rein
  • Rev Daniel Ruff


Rev Paul Weber, Emeritus, St Paul, Napoleon, former Ohio District President - May 25, 2018
Rev David R Koenig, Emeritus, St John Lutheran Church, Defiance, OH - August 10, 2018


  • N/A

Vicars (2018-19)

  • Jacob Buday, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, North Canton, OH

SMP Vicars

  • Gary Dittmar, St John Lutheran Church, South Euclid, OH
  • Terry Worst, New Hope Lutheran Church, Newark, OH
  • Steve Berndt, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Madison, OH
  • Steve Holtman, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Kettering, OH