Since May 14, 2020

(Note to Visitors to this page: If you are a pastor wishing to be placed on a call list of one of our vacant congregations, please express your desire to your District President. Do not attempt to contact these congregations directly. We have a process that works well. Be patient and use it!)

Calling Congregations (Pastor)

  • Risen Christ, Springfield - call issued to Rev. Dan Wehmeier (Kansas District)
  • Zion, Cleveland
  • St. John, Stryker
  • Zion, Edgerton - placement from seminary
  • Our Redeemer, Solon
  • Christ, Mantua
  • King of Kings, Mason


Non-Calling Congregation

  • Immanuel, Toledo, OH; Not calling at present
  • Bethlehem, Euclid, OH; not calling at present
  • St John, Mt Hope, OH; not calling at present
  • St Philip, Toledo, OH; not calling at present
  • St Philip, Cleveland, OH; not calling at present


Foreign Service

Ohio District congregations calling Ohio District pastors 

  • Rev. Matthew Garred, candidate, accepted call to Concordia Lutheran Church, Independence OH
  • Rev. Jeff Smith accepted call to St. Paul Lutheran Church, Westlake OH
  • Rev. Everette Greene accepted call to Trinity Lutheran Church, Cincinnati OH

Leaving the Ohio District

  • Rev. William Gauger of Good Shepherd, Florence KY - accepted call to Trinity Lutheran Church, Genoa IL
  • Rev. Emil Gretarsson of Holy Cross, North Canton - accepted call to Open Arms Lutheran Church, Slidell LA

Calls Declined by Ohio District Pastors 

  • Rev. Wesley Hromowyk - Trinity Lutheran Church (Rantoul), Potter WI
  • Rev. Michael Saylor - Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Solon OH

Calls pending to Ohio District Pastors

  • Rev. Aaron Stinnett - Our Redeemer Ev. Lutheran Church, Smithfield RI


  • Rev. Bruce Breudigam
  • Rev. Richard Davenport
  • Rev. Jason Harris
  • Rev. Jeremy Kleino
  • Rev. Karl Koch
  • Rev. James May, Jr.
  • Rev. Jerome Mitchell
  • Rev. Karl Rein
  • Rev Daniel Ruff


Rev. Gary D. Dittmar - St. John Lutheran Church, South Euclid OH - December 14, 2019
Rev. Alvia M. Martis, EM - February 12, 2020
Rev. Herman K. Dietrich, Jr., EM - March 11, 2020
Rev. Floyd L. Leoschke, EM - March 20, 2020
Rev. Alvin A. Boehlke, EM - March 25, 2020


  • N/A

Vicars (2019-20)

  • Chad Bolosan, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Westlake OH
  • Mark Renner, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, North Canton OH
  • Paul Shaw, Trinity Lutheran Church, Zanesville OH
  • Andrew Twietmeyer, Zion Lutheran Church, Columbus OH

SMP Vicars

  • Chris Ryan, St. Mark Lutheran Church, Chesterland OH