The LCMS Ohio District and the LCEF are happy to announce the appointment of Lisa M. Janik as the Ohio District VP-LCEF.

The effective date is July 1, 2018. Lisa will be a full time employee of the LCMS Ohio District with responsibility for leading and promoting the Lutheran Church Extension Fund in Ohio, West Virginia and northern Kentucky. She is taking over for David Bowers who is retiring effective June 30th after 24 years as Executive Director and later DVP of the Ohio District LCEF.
Lisa is a life-long Lutheran and is a member of an Ohio District LCMS congregation.  Her son, Luke, is a junior at The Ohio State University majoring in Architecture. Lisa had been the Loan Manager for the former ODLCEF for 14 years and, since April 2017, has served as the chief administrative assistant covering all aspects of LCEF after the merger of ODLCEF and the national LCEF program. Prior to her employment with the ODLCEF in 2004, Lisa worked in all aspects of Loan Management and cross-related sales and services with a local lending corporation. She has built an extensive relationship with many of the district's pastors, secretaries and treasurers.
"I am thrilled to be selected for this position and am anxious to provide our congregations with the kind of services and assistance they have come to expect" said Ms. Janik. "While I have been a part of the Church Extension Fund for more than 14 years, I see several new challenges and feel I can contribute to working God's plan for our congregations and schools."