LCMS Youth Gathering


Youth from the Ohio District have always traveled to National Youth Gatherings since they began. 2022 will be no different. Planning teams are already hard at work to make this upcoming event worthwhile and meaningful for teens. To see what's being planned at the National level go to the Gathering website at:

Have you noticed the name for the LCMS Youth Gathering has changed a bit?  "National" has been dropped. That's because so many teens and chaperones come from many places around the world, it is now the LCMS YOUTH GATHERING.

If you have teens in your congregation who may wish to attend the gathering and need to be connected to a group, contact Karen.

Karen Dutton, our Ohio District Youth Ministry Coordinator is serving as the District Coordinator for those attending the LCMS Youth Gathering in 2022. Call or e-mail her with any questions or suggestions at 216-496-1799 (cell); 216-587-4222 (St. John, Garfield Heights) or  

If you have questions about the 2022 LCMS Youth Gathering, please contact Karen.

Bus transportation will be available from various locations within our District. There will be two options available. The first leaving two days prior to the Gathering which will allow your group extra time to unwind and enjoy Houston! The other option will get you to Houston the day the Gathering begins. Although there is no exact price yet, it looks like the bus transportation will cost $300-$325 per person. The definite price will be announced during the summer. Our buses will take you directly to your Gathering hotel and pick you up from there to head home the day the Gathering ends. Our bus company is Baron's. Check them out on their website! They have air purifiers and great sanitation practices on all of their buses!

Advantages to riding the District Bus - community building, taking food supplies, transportation directly to your hotel and seeing the country!


Will it be:

* A Ranch?
* Line-dancing?
No matter what's decided, it will be FUN and there will be FOOD!
If you have an idea or suggestion - send it in!


We're starting to look for a unique design idea for our Ohio District shirts! The guidelines are:
1. Must show that we're from Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky - the Ohio District; and
2. Must tie into the Gathering theme.

Send your ideas to Karen at Ideas should be submitted by October 1, 2021.


Adults! Don't miss the opportunity to attend National Lutheran Youth Workers Conference THIS July 11 - 14, 2021, in Houston! Here's a chance to learn and grow beside others who work in LCMS congregation just like you! You'll also be able to take a good look at Houston to prepare for taking your youth to the LCMS Youth Gathering, July 2022.