Week of February 21

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church – Shaker Heights, Ohio (Rev. Troy Neujahr)
Prayer for unity of faith and faithfulness in mission.

Peace Lutheran Church – Cincinnati, Ohio (Rev. Larry Rodencal)
We are thankful for the Lord’s blessings throughout 2020. The Lord blessed us with our stewardship and also adapting to a video ministry throughout the year.
COVID hit close to home for our congregation in November with its sickness and even death. It shocked our congregation and we are still dealing with its effect as we turn the calendar year.
We are beginning to make a transition and need the Lord’s guidance and wisdom as Pastor Rodencal begins retirement this year (20 years with us), and we will make a transition to vacancy and then another pastor.
Our Sunday School attendance needs attention and we pray that the Lord will bless our endeavor as we begin to “restart” in classrooms.