Week of June 20

Tallmadge Lutheran Church - Tallmadge, Ohio (Rev. Andrew Alberts)
Prayer for our Homebound: Tom & Til M., Ginny J., Arlene J., Marien H., Mary Ellen K.
Ongoing Prayers for Healing: Juanita G., Ethel Walent, Tom R., Matt R., Annette S., Shirley S., Valarie S., Rev. Hanchett, Fae B., Jerry Y., Gail D., Matt S., Tricia L., Kathy C., Kathy V., Pam G., Walter F., Troy M., Betty S., Gail M., Carol Z., Barb B.
Battling Cancer: Alan E., Tom K., Paul L., Douglas K., Bruce C., Peter W., Bruce F., Pat J.
Prayer for Those Serving in the Military: CPT Mark R., Sergeant Ethan S., Ben T., Vincent B.
Prayer for Health Care Workers: Emily M., Captain Richard L., Ryan L., Greg G., Jeff G., Christie A., Natalie C., Christina H., Lieutenant James R., Alexandra J., Tina G., Corbin G., Dr. Shelly C., Sue K., Joe K., Stacey T., Kathy S., Ericka W., Elaina V., Noelle B., Sally B., Haley C., Michelle and Diane K., Sarah P., Shawna H., Abbey D. & Sophia K., Janet B., Beth N., Dr. Jim B., Jodi T., Tim G., Michelle H., Tracy R., Christina C., Lauren M., Denise P.

Christ Lutheran Church – Mantua, Ohio
Thanksgiving for a recent Baptism


General Petitions:

Comfort and peace for the family of Rev. Duer.

Comfort and peace for the family of William P.

Baby Marco, two month old in hospital with breathing problems.

Continued healing for Karen M. as she recuperates from the amputation of her one leg above the knee.

Healing of Jennie S.’s arm and shoulder, and for Rick S. who has an eye issue.