Week of November 7, 2021

Trinity Lutheran Church and School – Toledo, Ohio (Rev. Mark Love, Rev. Ryan Kleimola, Rev. Jonathan Rusche; Deaconess Maryanne Hibbard; Principal James Landskroener)

God’s guidance in their search for a Minister of Music for their congregation and school.

HOSPICE CARE: Robert H.; Dan F.
UPCOMING SURGERY: Grace H.; Karen F., Judy G.
RECOVERING/REHAB: Jill G; Sandra S; Rex S; Pat E; Edna G; Daniela K; John M; Gary & Susie R; Teresa D; Linda E; Ray L; Walt V; Mary S; Barry H; Non-Members: Kerri; Brad G; Sherry K; Rev. Tony S; Sara H; Lauren K.
RECEIVING CANCER CARE: Emily R; Jerry C; Joyce C; Steve S; Jim S; Richard S, Judy G; Non-Members: Veronica H; Sarah B; MaryAnn B-F; Judy J.
EXPECTANT MOTHERS: Becky T; Arlie B; Courtney S.
HOMEBOUND MEMBERS: Leona B; Edna G; Norma H; Ruth H; Ron K; Judith M; Beverly M; Lee O; Arnold R; Ann S; Dick & Leora S.
THOSE SERVING IN THE MILITARY: Colby K; Daniel M; Thomas H; Jamonte R; Kyle K; David G; Nick C; John D; Charles D; Rob E; Brandon F; Christian M; Tabitha M.

Redeemer Lutheran Church – Sidney, Ohio
Congregation is in the process of calling a new pastor, knowing that God will provide the right person to shepherd His flock at Redeemer-Sidney.

Christ Our Savior of the Valley Lutheran Church – Alderson, WV (Rev. Richard Lohmeyer)