Week of January 23

St. Paul Lutheran Church and Preschool – Amherst, OH (Rev. Paul Werner, Preschool Director Beth Naro)

Trinity Lutheran Church – Cleveland, OH

Immanuel Lutheran Church – Toledo, OH (Rev. Donald Weiss)
For God to show us His will and His plan for the future of our congregation which could include a possible sharing of a Pastor with another parish in the greater Toledo area.
Prayers of thanks for the 4 new members received by Profession of Faith, and the 3 new members-a mom and her 2 children-received by Holy Baptism on January 9th.
For Jeanette C., our eldest member who is in need of physical healing.


Panic Family, as they lost their home due to a fire.
For the family of Rev. Donald Frerich, who was called to glory on January 5th.