Week of February 27, 2022

Shepherd of the Ridge Lutheran Church and Preschool – North Ridgeville, Ohio (Rev. Paul Pater, Carlie Jones, Preschool Administrator)

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of the Deaf – Toledo, Ohio (Rev. Shirrel Petzoldt)

We thank God for the former members of Gloria Dei-Toledo that have joined with us after their closure. They are a delight and a tremendous boost to ministry. Many are learning sign language and are involved using these signs in worship and communication.

Prayers that the Holy Spirit guides us in what needs to happen with the red brick building from Gloria Dei-Toledo.

Prayers to find a pastor who can use sign language and do the ministry of Good Shepherd-Toledo, as pastors for the deaf are difficult to find.

We thank the Lord that the many members of the church who had COVID are coming through it.
Prayers for Willie in Chipita Malawi. He is deaf and is teaching 30 deaf in his area. He is trying to be trained as a Lutheran Pastor. We have sent materials to further his ministry thanks to the Ohio District Evangelism grant.

Oromo Lutheran Church – Columbus, Ohio (Rev. Yoseph Gemta)


General Requests:
Dee P., who owns a florist shop, recently suffered a concussion after a fall. Please pray for her recovery and for her daughter who needs to oversee the business.

Kathy B. who is very seriously ill. Please pray for her family, husband Mike, daughter Allison, sons, Andrew, and Matthew and his wife, daughter-in-law, Emily.

Carol K. who broke her foot and tore ligaments. She will be laid up for at least 6-8 weeks.