Week of May 29, 2022

St. Mark Lutheran Church – Brunswick, Ohio (Rev. Steven Girard)
Kenneth - Fighting addiction
Ray W. - Healing & strength during cancer treatment
Matthew B.- Healing and strength during cancer treatment
The T. Family - Peace, strength & healing
Carol H.- Healing from Meningioma and epilepsy
The P. Family- Guidance
Sarah - Healing & guidance for doctors
Conrad S. & Family - Peace, comfort, & healing after serious car accident
Sally - Healing and comfort
Luke A. & Family - Relief from pain and suffering, peace, comfort, and strength for his family.
Dan N. -Healing
Gabby- Guidance
Rosa R.- Healing from a fall and guidance for caregivers
Jamie- Protection & strength during a difficult pregnancy
Aaron B.- Healing after hip surgery
Nani J.- Healing, to be removed from oxygen
Bill P.- Healing, recovery from head injury from a fall
Michelle P.- Peace, comfort, and strength

Valley Lutheran Church and Early Childhood Center – Chagrin Falls, Ohio (Rev. Michael Henn, Preschool Director Jennifer Congdon)

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church – Perrysburg, Ohio (Rev. John Rutz)


General Requests:

Thanksgiving for FaithWalk-Brunswick as they continue to minister in their community in their new space.