Week of September 25, 2022

St. Paul Lutheran Church and Christ’s Kids Preschool, Ashland, KY (Rev. Mark Kloha; Mary Robinson-Preschool Director)

Immanuel Lutheran Church - Hamler, Ohio (Rev. James Fundum; Christie Cohrs, Director of Family Life Ministry)

John D., Norma B., Jackie B., Lauren B., Dorothy L., Dorothy F., Sara D., and John S.
For those celebrating blessed birthdays this week: Greg G., Carolyn G., Chris H., Cathy M.
For those celebrating an anniversary this week: Pete & Caye S., Rick & Pam F., Nathan & Andrea G., Bill & Sue Ann M., Terry & Krista G.
For a safe and productive year with their students attending Sunday School and Catechism classes.



That Place For Teens. This outreach ministry of Faith Walk Lutheran Church in Brunswick, Ohio is a youth center that reaches out to teens,  and provides need-based activities and programs relevant to teens’ lives.  Please pray that God will bless the staff and volunteers, in addition to the teens that come in.