Week of October 2, 2022

St. Paul Lutheran Church, School and Preschool - Napoleon, Ohio (Rev. Peter Marcis; Rev. Logan Scheiwe; Principal Julie Bourgeois, Preschool Director Theresa Weaver)

Call process for a DCE.

Call process for a third pastor.

Our church Secretary who will be undergoing hip replacement surgery.

Our Financial Administrator's wife who has renal cancer and will soon be undergoing surgery.

Pastor Scheiwe for continued good health as he continues to receive immunotherapy treatment.

Continued blessings with our efforts to establish a Comfort Dog ministry at our church and school.


Wilmington Lutheran Church – Wilmington, Ohio (Rev. Kenneth Castor)

Trinity Lutheran Church – Warren, Ohio (Rev. Robert Wacker)


General Requests:
For the family of Barb L., as she mourns the recent passing of her aunt.
For Gary and Gloria F., who had to move in with their daughter as Gary is now under home hospice care.