Week of March 12

St. Timothy Lutheran Church – Huber Heights, Ohio (Rev. Joel Sutton)

That God would strengthen us to take up our cross and follow Him in contrition and repentance.

St. James Lutheran Church – Columbus, Ohio

Bethlehem Lutheran Church and Family Childcare Center – Parma, Ohio (Rev. Robert Green, Early Childhood Director Tricia Wise)

Giving thanks to God for the mild winter, which has enabled more people to gather and receive his gifts.

Giving thanks to God who loves us, is in control of all things, sent his Son to take away the sin of the world, keeps us in the one true faith, and gives us peace in our daily lives.

Asking the Lord to bless our nation by opening the eyes of many to the truth, leading them to sincere repentance, turning many from immorality, and helping us to be a nation that reflects the true light of Christ to the world.

Asking the Lord to guide and strengthen all pastors during this busy yet important season of Lent.

For success in reaching those in our community with the bad news of sin and the good news of Jesus.

For blessings on our childcare center for growth in our numbers and for the hiring of a well-qualified and Christian staff member.