Week of January 28, 2024

St. John’s Lutheran Church & School – Marysville, Ohio (Rev. Jack Heino, Principal Richard Rausch, Preschool Director Alex Blewitt)
Please include our call committee, teaching staff, capital campaign, and students/families. That each of us would be thankful for what we have and grow in faith in our daily lives together.

Trinity Lutheran Church – Cleveland, Ohio

Immanuel Lutheran Church – Toledo, Ohio (Rev. Matthew Bergstresser)

Prayers of thanksgiving with having a new pastor and requested prayers as we look to the future and the next steps God is leading us to go.

LCMS California-Nevada-Hawaii District



Healing for Rev. Dave Woolsey, as he is recovering from a stroke.
Healing for Fred M., as he is being treated for skin cancer.
Peace and comfort for the family of Rev. Thomas Moyer, with the passing of his mom, Eileen.
Peace and comfort for the family of Rev. Larry Mallett, with the passing of his wife, Patricia.