Week of March 10, 2024

St. Timothy Lutheran Church – Huber Heights, Ohio (Rev. Joel Sutton)
That God grant His people penitent hearts through these Lenten days and prepare ourselves for Christ's return.

St. James Lutheran Church – Columbus, Ohio (Rev. James Jordan)

Bethlehem Lutheran Church – Parma, Ohio (Rev. Robert Green)
+ Strength and guidance to all church workers as we conclude the Season of Lent.
+ Guidance to all churches to successfully reach others with God's saving truth.
+ For the Holy Spirit to move all members to gladly serve as they have been gifted.
+ For all members to rightly understand and faithfully practice Biblical stewardship.

Lutheran East High School



Thanksgiving for successful back surgery for John R.
Healing and restoration for two (2) men who have recently been diagnosed with cancer.
Successful surgery for Todd H., who is undergoing knee replacements this week.