Milestone Anniversary of St. James-Columbus

St. James Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio celebrated their 175th anniversary of the founding of St. James and the 150th anniversary of the dedication of their church.

St James2On June 12, 2022, members of what is now St. James Lutheran Church, 5660 Trabue Road, Columbus, Ohio honored their roots by celebrating their 175th anniversary of the founding of its congregation. This event also marked the 150th anniversary of the opening of the current sanctuary that replaced the log cabin in which the congregation originally met.

The celebration included:

  • A church-sponsored meal featuring food trucks.
  • Family activities, including a balloon artist and a bounce house.
  • The presentation of updated artwork in the historic sanctuary and adjoining narthex, funded by donations totaling more than $75,000 given by church members and performed as part of the church philosophy of paying deeds forward for future generations of the congregation. 
 St James3.pngSt James1St James4



St. James Lutheran Church was organized on Trinity Sunday in 1847 by nine German immigrant families who chose the name, “St. Jakobi Geminde”, (St. James Congregation). The Second Article of the congregation’s first constitution, entitled “Sprache” (Language), reads “In unsere Kirche soll nur allein duetsch gepredict werden” (In our congregation, only German alone shall be preached).  READ MORE