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MissionInsite 2024MissionInsite is a ministry planning resource that provides instant access to community information for your church via the MI System. With the help of MissionInsite you can find out a wealth of information about the people in your community. Here you can find out things like how many single moms live in your area, how many school age children live near your church, what will the population look like in 10 years. You can learn about the lifestyle patterns and needs of your neighbors with an eye toward reaching out to them.

Go to: www.missioninsite.com where you will find a number of resources available for you to access data. Click on the "Client Center" at the top right-hand corner to login or to register if you are a first time user.  First time users, please contact Lisa Hall at: lisa.hall@lcef.org to obtain the Agency Registration Code.

Need help in navigating the MissionInsite website?  Contact Lisa Hall and she will be happy to help you.


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