Easter Ideas ... NOW?

The Ohio District DCEs and DFLMs recently met and discussed ideas for Easter preparations way in advance of the Easter season.

Here are several ways for your congregation to celebrate Easter and reach out to your community:

  • Put together Traditional Easter Baskets filled with candy and include an item or two to focus on the reason for celebrating Easter. Hand these baskets out in your neighborhood.
  • Have an Easter Egg Hunt with eggs hidden all around a designated area including special eggs which could be a larger size or special color. The “finders” can take these special eggs and exchange them for Bibles, Bible Story Books, Christian coloring/puzzle books, Devotion books, toys or puzzles that have a Christian Easter theme.
  • Give families items to make a Lenten Family Altar and provide the Scripture/Bible story to go with each of the items. Each family will receive a small cross, a stone, silver coins, nail(s), white cloth, a purple cloth (curtain in the temple). Encourage the family to make a special place in their home where they can add each item as the Lenten season or Holy Week goes on.
  • Host an event similar to a Treat-n-Trunk. This event could be planned for the day before Palm Sunday. Prepare a car or a place for each of the days of Holy Week and decorate each place according to the day…Palms for Palm Sunday, a purple cloth for the tearing of the Temple curtain, a huge rock and garden set up for praying, etc. Each “stop” should have a take-home family devotion and an activity or craft for the children or family to do as Holy Week moves along. The course can end with the celebration of Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt.
  • EasterGardenCheck out ideas for making a Mini Easter (Resurrection) Garden (see pic) with your youth group or Sunday School. 


If you need more information, please contact Karen Dutton at duttonk@oh.lcms.org and she will be happy to give you assistance or connect you with another DCE or DFLM.