Comfort Dog Ministry at Trinity-Toledo


Toledo is home to two Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dogs.

Anna Comfort Dog arrived in July 2015 and is owned by Trinity Lutheran Church and School. She and her team members bring the mercy, compassion, presence and proclamation of Jesus to students and faculty at schools (private and public), universities, first responders, hospitals, senior living facilities, churches, child psychiatric facilities, individuals with disabilities, active and retired military and many other community activities when invited. Anna is also available to respond to disasters and emergencies throughout the Ohio District and the U.S.

Ezra Comfort Dog is a Lutheran Church Charities staff dog who was deployed to Toledo in November 2017, to work with the Lucas County Prosecutors' Office. Ezra and his handlers provide comfort primarily to children who are victims of crime. He sits with them during interviews with the prosecutors, trial preparation and has been on the witness stand with numerous children when they have to testify. He also serves adults in the same capacity if needed. When time permits, Ezra does community visits with or without Anna. Both dogs are actively involved with many presentations to social or business groups upon request.

Each of the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog has their own Bible verse. Anna's is Psalm 62:8 and Ezra's is Nehemiah 8:10.


If you would like to invite Anna and/or Ezra to bring some comfort at your facility or to provide a free presentation for your event, contact the Trinity-Toledo church office at: (419) 385-2651 or email: , You can follow both dogs on Facebook or Instagram at:

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For more information about the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry, check out the Lutheran Church Charities website at: