Human Care

Lutheran Christians have been touched by God's grace with the precious gift of faith that trusts in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and imparts a peace that surpasses all human understanding. In response to God's undeserved love, we seek to serve God and our neighbors. We have heard the Lord's strong mandate to proclaim the Gospel, faithfully communicating the Word of God in our words and deeds. Lutherans throughout the Ohio District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod have discovered countless ways to serve as instruments of His love wherever there is pain, alienation and despair.

Human Care ministries in the Ohio District is working to support and coordinate congregational efforts to help their members serve as instruments of God's love wherever it is needed. The variety of ministries reflects a diverse and abundant supply of gifts and abilities that have allowed them to serve hundreds of individuals and families at times of need. Help has been provided and hope has been restored through Lutheran Disaster Response and Parish Nurse programs. Lutheran Older Adults have found meaningful service opportunities and ways to enjoy Christian fellowship. Our Deaconess community serves faithfully as they labor in love and remain steadfast in the hope of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are truly blessed by the gifts God has delivered to the Ohio District to lead us all into meaningful and relevant service to Him for the benefit of His people.